Load is placed on a steel plate at foundation level, with the settlement being measured at increasing load increments. The plate should make of steel with a size of 0.3 m 2 and it should be 25 mm thick. The test plate is placed in such a way that the centre of test plate, hydraulic jack, and the loading frame coincide with each other. Plate Load Test Procedure. The plate load test is a simple and robust means of obtaining reliable information relating to near surface soil stiffness and likely load/settlement characteristics for shallow footings. The ultimate bearing capacity is taken as the load at which the plate starts sinking at a rapid rate, … A pit of size 5 Bp X 5 Bp excavates to the depth equal to the depth of the foundation to conduct a plate load test at the site. A plate load test at the site conducts to determine the allowable bearing pressure. The plate load test is one of the most accepted and frequently used geotechnical field tests for shallow foundation and pavement design purposes. The necessary steps to perform a plate load test is written below-Excavate test pit up to the desired depth. The figure shown below (Fig-3) shows a set of typical load settlement curves. The plate load test or plate bearing test should be performed as per the IS code 1888 either by gravity load test or reaction truss method. The pit size should be at least 5 times the size of the test plate (B p). Field Vane Shear Test. In-situ Permeability Test / Packer Tests). Metro Construction Inc. provides geotechnical services such as soil foundation investigation, sampling and testing in the Philippines. The size of the hole is the same as the size of the steel plate. PLATEMAN is a semi-automated plate load testing system that is used to assess the ultimate bearing capacity of soils and flexible pavement under a given load. At the center of the pit, a small hole or depression is created. Call us at +63-2-721-2736 Field CBR Get a Requirements-Checklist and application forms from your municipal’s office (Office of the Building Official) . • Mackintosh Probe Test to be carried out at load test location (center of plate) at testing leve l before the test … procedures of securing a building permit in the philippines 1. A seating pressure of about 7 kN/m 2 is applied before starting the test. for plate load test Page 3 of 4 • The support for the beam with dial gauges or other settlement -recording devices shall not less than 2.4m from the center of the loaded area. Spec. Occasionally, circular plates are also used. Field Testing. The load on the soil is then increased in increments (20% of the estimated safe load or 1/10th of the ultimate load). Field Density Test (FDT). Gravity load test In gravity load tests, sandbags or concrete blocks are used as a dead load which is placed over the platform made by steel joists. The load intensity and settlement observation of the plate load test are plotted.

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