6. 4.4 Considering GCE ‘AS’ level diplomas in accordance with 4.1 and 4.2 together with GCE ‘A’ level diplomas. Education system of Pakistan is divided in to three broad categories: Public, Private and Madrasah system. 99.5 Ranked 59th. Graduation requirements (total earned credits by the student and total required credits for Graduation High School Diploma). Bachelor of Arts (Honours) is considered comparable to Certificate of Higher. Pakistan. GPA is calculated on a scale of 4-point, 7-point and 10-point across different countries. At least 3 different subjects must be completed with Grades A-E. Education CertHE / Year 1 of Bachelor degree standard High School Program Planning Guide/Course Description Guide … Here we present the International Degree and Qualification Equivalents, and how the degree grades compare to the UK's grading scale. 4.3 Passing 6 different subjects in GCE ‘AS’ level. 5. Pakistan opens shelling along LoC before DDC 6th phase polling ... it said that “chartered accountancy qualification as equivalent to post graduation and CA-intermediate to be treated equivalent to graduate degree in the university education system”. Starting from primary education to higher education Pakistan has failed to produce effective human resource for national building. School Profile (i.e. Education CertHE / Year 1 of Bachelor degree standard. This is especially important information for recruiters who are looking to recruit those with non-UK degrees, and need to work … 4.2 2 subjects from GCE ‘AS’ level equal 1 subject from GCE ‘A’ level. Grading scheme: Grade Percentage Marks Remarks A+: 85 and above ... whereas the mid exams usually review half. Education quality in Pakistan is at abysmal level. 1.71 million Ranked 5th. If you want to know that O level and A level education in Pakistan is equivalent to what then in this post, we will be giving you complete information and details and will be telling you that O level and A Level education in Pakistan is equivalent to what, read the below … Bachelor of Science (Pass) is considered comparable to Certificate of Higher. Pakistan Batchelor of Arts (Pass) are equivalent to UK A levels. 31% more than Pakistan 35% more than Pakistan Primary education, teachers: 438,161 Ranked 1st. The below conversion chart shows the percentage mark ranges […] The system followed by most boards is as follows- 1)Distinction- 80% or above 2)1st Division-65% to 80% 3)2nd Division-50% to 65% 4)3rd Division-35% to 50% Anything less than 33% is fail. Qualification Equivalence Determination Committee has determined the equivalence of some newly emerging degrees (a 4-year BS honour programme) to the traditional Masters programme in order to eliminate confusion regarding.. 4 times more than Pakistan High school > Gender ratio: 75.79 Ranked 104th. Percentage scale to 4.0 GPA Conversion Chart for Pakistan GPA or the Grade Point Average is the performance and talent assessment system for students followed in most of the educational institutions worldwide.

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